ShiftCam 10X 25mm Traditional Macro ProLens


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See every incredible detail. This ultimate 'close up' zoom enables 10x magnification and captures everything. With exceptional corner sharpness and close-to-zero distortion, this stunning lens delivers exceptional image quality and superb performance in all conditions. Great for plants, smaller insects, texture, jewelry, watches, and more.

Turn your iPhone into a DSLR

The ultimate iPhone photography accessory - take professional quality photos with your phone - used by professionals and influencers.

See every incredible detail

This ultimate 'close up' zoom provides 10x magnification with excellent sharpness. Combine it with the Telephoto camera on your iPhone for amazing 20x magnification.

Instant mounting system

Effortlessly load and switch lenses in seconds. The patented S-Mount system aligns your ProLens in an instant so you can get the perfect shot every time.

Compatible with ShiftCam cases

Requires a ProLens case or MultiLens case to mount it to your iPhone.

What's in the box

Contains the ProLens, adaptors for use with all ShiftCam ProLens or MultiLens cases, Magnetic lens cap and a Microfibre lens bag.

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