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Slide Universal Smart Curtain

For single and double curtains (6m) | Slide app | Climate control | Automatic

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With Slide you make your curtains smart in no time. Slide fits on virtually all straight tracks, so you can just keep your existing curtains & track.

Slide is a complete system in one box: 
Simple, elegant, and developed in Amsterdam!

All you need to make your curtains smart is in this compact box. One Slide works on single or double curtains, up to six meters. Most people install Slide within 30 minutes. It’s that easy!

Use the Slide App to make your curtains come alive:
With an easy-to-use Slider in the app, you open or close Slide to the desired position. You have complete freedom in controlling one curtain system, or several tracks simultaneously.

Wake up with natural sunlight:
Let Slide open your curtains 5 minutes before your alarm goes off. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to rock!

Secure your home when you’re out:
Use the Holiday Mode when you’re on holiday to let your curtains open and close at semi-random times. It’ll seem like you never left your home.

Sunrise and sunset routines:
Slide knows when the sun rises and sets. Based on this information, you can let Slide open and close your curtains automatically each evening and morning.

Climate control:
Keep the heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer. Use your automatic curtains to do this without even blinking an eye. The environment and your wallet will thank you.

Touch & Go:
Sometimes you just want to reach for the curtains. With Slide, manually opening them by hand is still an option. But for the ultimate luxury, you can use Touch & Go. Just give it a little pull, and Slide takes over.

Experience a complete smart home:
Smart homes are at their best when everything works in sync. Connect your Slide to one of our existing integrations, such as Google Assistant, Homey, IFTTT, FIBARO, Domoticz, or Home Assistant. By connecting your Slide to your favorite smart home integration you can control your curtains by voice, or add them to routines that combine several smart home devices.

The possibilities are endless!


Supported curtain types
Horizontal curtains and drapes
Supported curtain tracks
The majority of straight curtain rails. Ask a Productpine specialist for the details!
Supported curtain setups
One Slide can operate a single or a double curtain (on the same track). You can choose on which side of your track you want to mount Slide.
Supported curtain track length
From 0.5 meter to 6 meter total track length. The system automatically calibrates itself during installation to determine the length of your track.
Motor strength (basic)
Slide has a powerful 12V motor with a rated strength of over 17KG/cm. Slide has a horizontal power exercise capacity of more than 10KG.
Motor strength (advanced)
The system has three strength levels that can be set from the App. In other words, if you are able to move them by hand, Slide can move them too.
Power supply
Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz 0.6A. Output: 12V ⎓ 2.5A. Includes 5 meter power cable that is hidden behind the curtain.
Total package: 1.9kg. Motor unit: 1.4kg.
High-quality ABS Plastic & soft grey fabric design cover.
Software & Connectivity
Computing unit
Custom-design low-power board including 240MHz Dual Core SOC, motor driver and magnetic sensor system.
Wireless connectivity
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n built-in (no gateway required). Bluetooth 4.2 and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for Slidemote control (not yet available)
Mobile apps
The Slide by IIM App is available for iOS and Android
Including Google Home, IFTTT, FIBARO, Homey, Home Assistant and more, as well as an Open API
Voice Control
Slide supports the Google Assistant
Forward compatibility
Slide includes a proprietary Data Port that supports future add-ons. This means Slide is ready for future physical upgrades to add new features

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