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Dopamine Decor

As if a rainbow came by to visit your home. That's what we call this somewhat hysterical living trend. However, hysterical is anything but negative. Even a dopamine decor needs balance. In doing so, think from the colour wheel. Grab colours and shades that are directly opposite each other for soothing balanced contrasts. Experimenting with different materials and prints also belongs in a dopamine decor. Combine felt with velvet and paisley prints with polka dots. As a counterpoint, choose larger items in one solid colour. For example, a sofa in royal blue or a terracotta-coloured side table. An interior like this makes you instantly happy, doesn't it?Decide for yourself how much you want to go over the top. You are indeed the boss at home. Do you pick just a few colourful eye-catchers? Or do you dare to go wild with creative wallpaper? Dopamine decor is about everything you like - then it automatically looks good.

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