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A trend that has been going on for quite some time. Have we invented the new timeless? After all, organic and round shapes in your interior are always a good choice. Whether you have a large space to fill or your appartment is on the smaller side: organic shapes connect large spaces and make smaller homes appear optically bigger. We take you through this natural, soft living style.   What is an organic interior? Because nature, that one comes across well in this style. An organic shape is nothing more than an original form, as it was once intended and preserved. We move away from straight lines and sharp angles in this living style. In an organic interior, it is the wavy lines and circles that lead the way. And these bring our brains positive associations throughout the day. What softness can do. In fact, we associate round shapes with nature and this directly affects our emotions and state of mind. In fact, straight and angular shapes are more likely to evoke a threatening feeling, while organic shapes again activate friendly thoughts in our brain. It gives peace and brings atmosphere, which is exactly what you want when coming home.   How do I bring that organic vibe into my home? Round statements Make a standout point in your home with a large organic shaped item. Think, for example, of a circular sofa where the edges gently round off downwards - inviting you for a long lounge moment. If you make a statement with this, it is best to combine a rectangular rug with it. Do complement the space with round shapes, such as a mirror with a wavy edge, round cushions and an oval coffee table.   Minimalistic In an unruffled organic interior, you don't need much, to say much. Choose just a few home accessories that add to this living style rather than a mishmash of objects. For example, go for a large vase to go with the natural shapes, and add a few pretty branches to it. Select a coffee table book that enhances your personality or the space, and don't forget matching lighting. Lots of greenery Plants are at the basis of nature and are therefore at the basis of an organic interior. The often rounded branches and leaves fit this style perfectly and contrast nicely with the often light character of this natural look. Go for one big green eye-catcher or spread several plants throughout your home. Layering In an organic interior, we do layering. Think of combining different materials on just a small area. A bouclé sofa with knitted plaid on a low-pile rug, accompanied by a coffee table in warm oak and plant stand in mahogany. Opt for wallpaper as well as paintings on the wall to create even more layers and textures. Neutral colours And that's really not just white. Look beyond this basic shade and discover the different nuances. How about a clay tone (a combination between beige and light grey), off-white, sand, stone, camel, terracotta, olive green, taupe and beige. Put these colours side by side and see how beautifully they complement and enhance each other. Looking for some more inspiration for organic interiors? On this page, you will find tables, sofas, home accessories and more that perfectly match this timeless style.

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