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Green and urban. You want it both. And you can! Because your taste match those of the Urban Jungle perfectly. The name says it all: your own jungle in a (perhaps) slightly smaller, urban house or appartment. A home with industrial, robust features such as rough wood and sleek metal, combined with lots of greenery. Large paradise bird plants, rubber plants and the oh-so-loved monsteras. They all look equally as good in your Urban Jungle interior. Urban Jungle: a mix of green The Urban Jungle living style has grown out of different styles such as the botanical style and sometimes you recognise industrial elements or the bohemian style. The Urban Jungle is quite forgiving and flexible. One way or the other: you create your own personal urban jungle. Whereas the botanical style is more classic and contains more airy, light materials - combined with lots of greenery and flowers, of course - an urban jungle has more coarse textures. A sturdy dining table with a prominent base fits perfectly and a bolder or fresh colour on the wall is the perfect base. How to create an urban jungle at home? Don't know where to start when you want to unleash the urban jungle at home? We'll give you a hand and start with a nice first basic step. A not so surprising step is to add lots of plants, greenery, leaves and branches. Go for just green plants, without flowers, so you can mix and match as much as possible. Make yourself a cool wooden planter where you put several plants, or mix things up with colourful pots in different sizes and heights. Group your green treasures or spread them throughout your home. Put them in open cabinets, on shelves, hang them from the ceiling or on the wall and don't forget your kitchen, bedroom, hallway and bathroom. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our planters, side tables and open cabinets. The characteristics of an Urban Jungle Whether you start by adding a nice lot of plants or prefer to start from 'the basics'. Either way is a perfect first step towards your own urban jungle. After all, what about the walls in your home? To really let your plants steal the show, a beautiful backdrop is not an unnecessary move. You can go in different directions in your urban indoor garden. Go for a light shade such as fresh white, beige or a greyish shade of blue or pink. Feel like making more of a statement? Then choose a dark green for that real jungle vibe. Wallpaper is always a good idea too! Pick the walls and cover them with a beautiful exotic, tropical print. Your plants will blend in perfectly! Further decorating your urban jungle doesn't have to be all green life. Combine your filled planters and flower pots in the living room with cosy tea-light holders, wooden accessories and knitted plaids. With natural materials - such as bamboo, pottery, glass, reed, wood and wool - your urban jungle will keep you cosy and warm.

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