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“I am not even close to finishing discovering this beautiful planet of ours”
Travel - Music - Luxury
About me
Hey! How nice of you to take a look at my World. My name is Jan, I am 21 years old and I am in the prime of my life! I am an enthusiastic, adventurous type who likes sports and is not afraid to take a dive. I can also really enjoy beautiful nature and I like to visit new places such as here on Sicily. Every now and then I swap the adventure for the more relaxed atmospheres and enjoy the beautiful music from my Lexon speaker while enjoying a glass of wine, which is super easy to take with you everywhere.
Ekster Parliament Traceable Wallet
The older wallets take up way too much space. I love using this because I can carry around whatever I need without walking around with a huge wallet on my person
LARQ Bottle PureVis™
The selfcleansing waterbottle is ideal for a sport- or travel person. Never worry about disgusting bacteria in my drinkingwater again.
MATE X 750 Watt Powerful Foldable E-bike
I love cycling but a little help from is never wrong. Love the look, performance is amazing. Riding in style with this bike is the dream.
Lexon Design
Lexon Design Mino L Bluetooth Speaker
Ideal speaker. Small, easy to carry, good sound and inexpensive. Recommended for everyone.
ShiftCam Pro Lens Case
Taking pictures with a phone on another level. Super cool gadget!