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About me
Enjoying what the world has to offer as much as possible. Whereas I wouldn’t consider myself a true outdoor lover, I surely enjoy all aspects. You won’t see me going camping for weeks in the middle of nowhere. However, I can ride my bike all day through our beautiful landscape. Next to this, I adore food. Especially when it is prepared with passion.
Sonos Move Bluetooth + WiFi Speaker
Want to combine being outdoors with great sound? Sonos Move is your best friend! Whenever I am having a BBQ with my friends or have a picnic in a beautiful landscape, I bring my Sonos Move. There is nothing better than some good music and company.
Chipolo One Bluetooth Tracker
I tend to lose my wallet quite often. With this Bluetooth tracker you can find your wallet within a few seconds! Never being late again because of searching for my stuff.
2.0 Solgaard Lifepack
A backpack fitting every lifestyle. Combined with the Solarbank my PC or smartphone never runs out of power.
Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope
Through this telescope you are able to enjoy astrology more than ever. It shows me comets, milky ways and planets you would never have discovered yourself. You can enjoy yourself night after night with this telescope.
Somfy Home Alarm
Whilst being outdoor or on the move it is nice to know your house is safe. With this alarm system you directly get a notification when something is wrong.
I’ll pick this bike over any other vehicle every day of the week. Every second you are driving this bike must be full of enjoyment! Due to its superb suspension and how it is built, it’s very comfortable. And I think I don’t have to tell you this bike is really turning heads on the streets.

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