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Home is where the heart is.
About me
Home is not just a place but a feeling. I love coming home after a trip or a day at work and being able to wind down and relax by using my favorite innovations.
Invitalis Vitaly Med Flexi Massage Device
Whether you are just looking for a relaxing massage or need to get rid of tension in your body, you can always rely on Med Flexi.
Gravity Blanket All Seasons
Curling up with the Gravity blanket on the couch helps you to relax, because of the extra weight it feels like a warm hug.
Duux Beam Mini Smart Humidifier
With the Beam mini you always know what the air quality in your room is and you can easily adjust it with the remote or the app from the comfort of your couch.
Scribit Write and Erase Robot
With the Scribit you can always have a brand new art piece on the wall, it allows you to erase and redraw a new design every few hours.
Wooden Amsterdam
LYFE Planter Zero-gravity Growing System
With the Flyte Planter you don’t just have a plant, you have a levitating plant, it is a real eye catcher anywhere in your home.

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