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About me
Hi everyone! I am probably working out at the moment. I live for football and tennis. But don't expect too much from me. I don't practice such a high level. So I also keep the social life with my friends on weekends. I like to organize original things for my friends. I like to work out details as best I can so that everything is perfect. I have the same with selecting new purchases.
Ekster Parliament Traceable Wallet
This is about the combination of details. You can easily lose your cards, it is made of leather and you can still find it. Ideal.
LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis™
The fact that it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria really appeals to me. Myself, I drink a lot of water during sports and this is ideal.
Iron Roots
Iron Roots Unisex Hemp Performance Hoodie
In the tennis and football world you often see products made for a specific sport. This hoodie is universal and that is something I am a fan of.
WATT BROOKLYN Ultimate Urban e-Bike
I really like this one. Purely because it is an e-bike while still looking sporty. The fact that the battery is incorporated in the bike is really cool!

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