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The single platform making direct-to-consumer sales efficient.

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Why partner up with Productpine?

We understand you. As a brand, you want to sell direct-to-consumer and be in control over your brand image, customers and insights. But we also know that growing direct-to-consumer sales is costly and time-intensive.
That’s why we created Productpine. Powered by technology, we enable you to save up to 75% of your costs and time when selling and marketing your products directly to consumers.

We partner with you, like no marketplace or retailer ever did.

We have abig
We have raised 2.5M EUR Seed funding from established investors
We have raised seed funding from established investors (previously invested in Pinterest, Square, Classpass, Wish, GoStudent, Shipbob), well-known entrepreneurs (HomeToGo, Afterpay, Binckbank) and senior executives (eBay) to help direct-to-consumer brands thrive and consumers improve their consumption decisions. With 90 active brands on our platform and over 600 brands in the waiting list, we are entering a period of rapid growth and are inviting you to be part of it.

How does Productpine work?


The storefronts of world’s coolest brands on one platform

Remain fully in control over your brand appearance and receive enriched data insights from customer relationships you own.


Cross-selling between brands through discovery commerce

Our discovery shopping platform is powered by personalization and social inspiration, driving consumers to buy complementary brands over their lifetime.


Sharing advertisement costs with other brands

Your advertisement costs are attributed to other brands that benefit, so that these costs can be reimbursed and reinvested in marketing.

Enjoy the benefits of Productpine.

Cheaper sales

Get discovered by new customers and boost your growth by cross-selling with other brands. Share marketing costs and set-up affiliate campaigns to scale your sales.

Smarter decisions

Get access to platform data analytics and receive insights about how customers interact on the platform. Make smarter decisions in targeting, content, and product development.

Save time

Create a storefront and cross-sell campaigns within minutes and save weeks of interacting with web agencies and brand partners. Our fulfilment software plugs right into your direct sales channel.

Consumers love Productpine


Yearly users

4.7 / 5


Buying directly from brands

Consumers come to Productpine to interact directly with brands and receive their unbeatable service.


We make shopping directly from brands simple, featuring many brands under one roof for frictionless shopping.


At Productpine, consumers discover brands in a personalized, socially engaging and rewarding way.

Let’s start selling.


Simple registration

Upload your details and we will make sure we’re working with the real deal.


Sync products

Swiftly upload your products and connect your logistics.


Set-up storefront

Set-up the brand appearance of your storefront in a few clicks.


Start selling

Ready to rumble! Boost your sales by cross-selling or affiliate campaigns.


Receive payments

We safely deposit your payments directly to your account.

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What the media says

“For consumer brands, Productpine is a dream come true.”

“Productpine is a hybrid direct-to-consumer platform, designed to foster brand love.”

“Upcoming brands finally have a place to promote their brand.”

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