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Best price,
better world

Global CO2 emissions are too high. The production and shipping of the products you buy, contribute to these emissions increasing even further. If we don’t change our ways now, our world will become inhabitable.

A better world, that sounds great! But where do we start?

You can feel you own impact is relatively small. The same goes for most of the brands we work with. They produce products of quality, but do not have the means (yet) to create the greener alternatives.

So, what the next step?

Since 2019 we enable you to buy directly from brands, ensuring the best price in the process.

Buying directly from brands is important here, as we don’t own polluting warehouses. All your purchases will be shipped directly from the brand to your doorstep.

Did you know that shopping online is better for the world? CO2 emissions are 2,3% less when skipping energy consuming stores!

Selling via our webshop saves brands time and money. Money we could keep to ourselves, but in the rate the world is going it’s questionable if that money is worth something. We aim to change this.

The future of shopping starts here

Together we turn all shopping into do good shopping by 2030.

Your contribution to a better world shouldn’t have to cost you extra, nor require you to give up on service or brand preferences.

We’re taking a step in the right direction by investing into handpicked sustainability projects, matching best prices in the process.

Making do good shopping easy and affordable

Via our platform, we measure and compensate the CO2 emissions from production to shipping of each product. We partner with South Pole to fully automate this process. This doesn’t cost you anything.

At Productpine you shop for the best price and you contribute to a better world by reducing the CO2 emissions of your purchases.

Making do good shopping easy and affordable

buy directly from renowned brands via our platform, assuring the best price and quality
have developed smart technology that allows brands to save on their marketing costs
pay us a fee from these savings so we can compensate every purchase, by investing into green projects

Be mindful

Even though we compensate all your purchases, we cannot compensate for overconsumption.

When eventually your product breaks down, consider getting it repaired before replacing it with a newer model.

What about CO2 compensation?

Our collaboration with South Pole.

South Pole is a profit-for-purpose company that starts and finances climate projects. The goal differs per project. Productpine invests in technologies that have a link to shopping.

Roadmap 2030

2022 - and beyond

Reduce & inform

We actively reduce our own emissions and improve our internal processes
Through our platform we calculate the CO2 emissions of each product

2025 - and beyond


Together with South Pole, we offset by investing in sustainable developments in our industry
Every purchase through our platform is compensated for free

2030 - and beyond


Productpine will only sell net-zero products
We are working towards a circular economy by standardizing the right to repair through investments in education and logistics processes
We are working towards a circular economy by standardizing the right to repair through investments in education and logistics processes

Are you with us?

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