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BabyLiss Berry Crush 2200

2200W | Easy to clean removable filter | Coolshot button | High gloss ionic care | 3 temperature / 2 speed settings

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BaByliss' powerful, compact 2200W Berry Crush 2200 hair dryer with DC motor delivers all the performance of a salon-quality hair dryer, but it's lightweight for comfortable blow-drying.

With quartz ceramic and smoothing ion technology, it releases conditioning ions to control frizzy hair and enhance shine as you dry.

After blow drying with the Berry Crush 5753PE by BaByliss, you'll find that your hair is beautifully smooth and shiny. This is due to the ionic anti-frizz function. The quartz ceramic filter that sits on the back of the hair dryer allows for more ions to be generated and released. Ions are negatively statically charged particles and these make your hair anti-static, frizz free, smooth and shiny!

The hair dryer is powerful with a wattage of 2,200 watts. Choose from the 3 temperature and 2 speed settings and dry your hair with ease.

The cord of this hair dryer is slightly longer than a regular hair dryer, namely 2.5 meters. The filter of the hair dryer you can keep clean, because you can remove it at the back of the hair dryer. Do this regularly and remove the dust. This is better for the life of your hair dryer.

  • The quartz ceramic in the filter provides better ions. These will make your hair smooth, shiny and anti-static again
  • As light as the hair dryer used by the hairdresser
  • The filter you can detach. Make it clean regularly and have longer enjoyment of your hairdryer
  • Just a slightly longer cord than other hair dryers


Product features
DC motor
3 heat / 2 speed + Coolshot
Ionic technology
Length cord
2,5 m

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