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The Bonsaïst Bonsai of Renai


The Bonsai of Renai looks like a beautiful welcoming tree. This unique Bonsai symbolises belonging and connection. “Renai” describes the feelings of romantic love. It reminds the importance of belonging. Being close to someone helps us flourish and it truly shapes how we experience the world. An amazing gift to someone you love.


The Carmona is traditionally an indoor Bonsai, but it can be kept outside in very warm climates. It needs plenty of natural light, so it should be placed next to a window where it will get the best light. It will thrive in temperatures around 20°C, so make sure the temperature doesn't get much cooler. If the weather allows it, you can put your Carmona outside during the summer months, as long as the nights are warm enough. The winter months can be a bit more difficult. Daylight hours are limited and heating systems produce dry air, which negatively affects the tree. To accommodate winter conditions, you can use a plant lamp for light. To regulate humidity, fill a large container with wet gravel or clay foam and place it under the pot. If you open windows during the winter months, make sure your Carmona is not exposed to the cold or icy air.

Het is van cruciaal belang om de Fukien Tea tree vochtig te houden, maar zorg ervoor dat u niet te veel water geeft, want natte grond kan ook schadelijk zijn voor de boom. Geef uw boom royaal water zodra het grondoppervlak droog wordt, maar laat hem niet te veel water staan.



Age: 5 years | 30 cm high | Romantic

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