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Repeat 'Prince' Modular Headphones


Digital Active Noise Cancelling

Get the most powerful digital noise-canceling available at the moment. Block ambient noise and allow yourself to be immersed even deeper in the 'Prince''s razor-sharp sound.

Future Proof Modular Design

Each part can be easily detached and replaced. You send us the part thats broken and we re-use or recycle. In doing so we fight the increasing problem of e-waste.

That's the power of modular design!

Lifetime Repairs

Products you love often wear & tear. Had an accident? Order a spare module and receive it through the letterbox after 1/2 days. A return envelope for the damaged part is included so that we can sustainably reuse the old parts your whole life!

For a lifetime of free repairs you can purchase their lifetime repair service through a yearly or one time payment (QR code included in box)

High Fidelity Audio Quality

Our headphones offer perfect playback quality with carefully tuned acoustics that provide an unprecedented deep bass, warm midrange and clear highs. And thanks to Apt-X bluetooth technology, you can listen wirelessly without loss of quality!

Multitasking made easier than ever

Connect your smartphone and laptop at the same time thanks to the most advanced Qualcomm chipset. So when a call comes in, your 'PRINCE' automatically connects to the correct device.

Power for days + Recharged in no time

Enjoy the power of the PRINCE with complete freedom; our battery lasts up to 40 hours – or 22 hours if you activate noise canceling.

Empty battery? 5 minutes of charging gives you 2 hours of battery with the included fast charger.

'The Nerdy Stuff'

40mm, 32ohm mylar high-end speakers with a frequency range of 10Hz – 20Khz.

De speakers have a sensitivity of 93db/1KHz.

Our chipset uses BT V5.0 supporting Apt-X

Audio cable (3.5 mm mini jack)



Digital Active Noise Cancelling | Wireless battery life: 40 hours | Charging time: 1.5 hours | Charging cable (USB-C) | Voice assistant: Siri, Google | Bluetooth version: 5.0 | Voice assistant: Siri, Google

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