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Silk'n Infinity Fresh Hair Removal Device


Advanced at-home eHPL-technology
With this Silk'nInfinity Fresh hair removal device you can easily depilate your body at home. Silk'n Infinity Fresh is the first Silk'n device that is suitable for all skin colors and almost all hair colors. From now on it is possible to effectively remove blonde, gray, and red hairs with Infinity Fresh if the skin color is light enough. Darker skin tones with dark hair growth are also suitable for treatment, even the darkest skin tones. This HPL device is inspired by the IPL devices used by professional salons. It emits no less than 400,000 flashes of light. It is suitable for both body and face. The speed of the light flashes is adjustable in 5 positions. The surface to be treated is 3 cm².

Before the hair removal session, your skin must be shaved, clean and dry and free from powder, antiperspirant, and deodorant. You can do this easily with the included Silk'n LadyShave Wet & Dry. This handy device is ideal for pre-treatment on damp or dry skin. Start every treatment with the LadyShave Wet & Dry by shaving the surface to be treated. Then, with the Infinity Fresh, you remove unwanted hairs by means of flashes of light. The ideal combination for a super soft result! Research shows 92% reduced hair growth after completing the recommended sessions.

Silk'n Infinity Premium Fresh, LadyShave Wet & Dry, Cleansing Box disinfection system, 1.5m extension cord adapter, storage case, manual and app for planning treatments, and seeing the retentive number of light pulses.


Product specs
Amount of pulses
Suitable for
All skin types
Infinity device, ladyshave wet&dry, cleansing box, extension cord and beauty case

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