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Here you will find everything you need to tame the chaos and turn that messy kids room into an organised and stylish space. We understand all too well that tidying up a kids room can be quite a challenge. But not to worry we have put together a selection of smart and fun solutions that make tidying up easy and even fun!Lets start with storage baskets and boxes. These come in all shapes and sizes and offer the ideal solution for neatly storing toys cuddly toys and other items. From colourful fabric baskets to sturdy plastic bins there is something for everyone. To make sure everything has a fixed place we also have a wide selection of shelves and racks. These can be wall-mounted and provide extra storage space for books games and decorative items. This keeps the floor free and makes the best use of the available space. Of course we cant forget the wardrobe. Our selection of kids clothes storage units such as clothes racks and drawer organisers ensure that your little ones clothes stay neatly hung and folded. This makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier and keeps clothes looking great for longer. And lets not forget to add some fun to the tidying up process too! With our playful and colourful storage solutions tidying becomes an adventure in itself. Think storage boxes with animal motifs stackable building blocks that also serve as storage compartments and many more fun and functional items. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our range and discover the best solutions to tidy up that kids room. At Productpine we make tidying up fun and create a space that both parents and children will love!

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