At Productpine we believe that the hands-on experience and the story behind an innovative product are what give true meaning to its existence. It is therefore our mission to tell the stories behind innovative products and provide customers with amazing product experiences that leave lasting impressions.

We envision brick and mortar retail changing its role from being a distribution channel to becoming an experience platform. While e-commerce is proving to be a superior distribution channel, people are limited to reading descriptions, seeing images, and watching videos. However, when encountering disruptive innovations, it is not the interchange of pixels that persuades people.

We look at retail in a new way and respond to the change in how people go about shopping. While acknowledging the benefit of e-commerce, we focus on the strength of brick and mortar: a physical touchpoint between customer and brand where hands-on experience and personal interactions enable people to discover and try out for themselves what the world has to offer.

Camiel van Dooren

Strategic Partner Manager

Vincent Hulshoff

Financial Operations Manager

Dimitar Maslarov

Product Manager